Top 17 Crowdfunding Platforms in Europe you should know about

Crowd Funding Feb 08, 2020
Top 17 Crowdfunding Platforms in Europe you should know about

Crowdfunding in Europe is an alternative way to finance that next big idea or fuel your companies growth strategy. In either case it beats going to the bank and applying for credit to raise capital.

What is Crowdfunding?

Crowdfunding is the practice of funding a project or business venture by raising small amounts of money from a large community of people or companies, typically via the Internet. Crowdfunding is a form of crowdsourcing and an alternative to finance or money lending.

Why crowdfunding?

In 2019, the global crowdfunding market was valued at 10.2 billion U.S. dollars (9,88 billion Euros) and was forecast to almost triple that figure by 2025. Unlike traditional investors or money lenders, Crowdfunding gives you, the entrepreneur, a community platform to showcase your business venture and present your plan to a wider audience of community investors improving your chances of raising investment.

Types of crowdfunding

There are generally four recognised types of crowdfunding: equity, debt, rewards and donations.

Equity crowdfunding - is the process whereby people or private investors (i.e. the ‘crowd’) invest in an early-stage unlisted company (a company that is not listed on a stock market) in exchange for shares in that company.

Debt crowdfunding - is a process where the person or company running the campaign is essentially looking to borrow money from multiple people and in return, the lenders, lending the money to the company receive the person’s/company’s binding commitment to repay the amount at set time intervals, and at an agreed interest rate.

Rewards crowdfunding - A rewards crowdfunding campaign, is funding where individuals who contribute money through a crowdfunded investment can expect pre-determined rewards that correspond to the amount of money they contribute. A reward can be defined as a benefit in the form of financial or other gain that the company running the campaign offers or produces.

Donation crowdfunding - In a donation based crowdfunding campaign, the contributing persons (i.e. the “crowd”) give money or other resources to the person/entity running the campaign without return or benefit to support an idea or worthy cause.

Kick start your next project or business venture today!

To help you kick start your next project we have put together a list of the Top 17 Crowdfunding Platforms in Europe you should know about. Listed in no official order 1 - 17

1) Seedrs (United Kingdom)

London, England, United Kingdom

Seedrs is one of the largest equity crowdfunding platforms in Europe founded in 2009, with HQ's in London and Lisbon, and is a leading online platform for investing in the equity of startups and other growth companies in Europe. Seedrs has been named the most active investor in private companies in the UK.

Seedrs enables investors from a variety of backgrounds to invest with ease into innovative startups, and other growth-focused businesses.

From as little as £10 pounds, investors can own shares in, and become part of emerging and growing companies, with the same world-class shareholder protections as professional investors.

For businesses, the administrative burden of raising capital is significantly reduced by leveraging the knowledge, experience and expertise of Seedrs leaving entrepreneurs to do what they do best, run and scale their business for the mutual benefit of the business and investors.

Seedrs stands behind a strong ethos, which is equity crowdfunding done properly, and in line with the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) rules and best practices.

Platform details

Founders: Carlos Silva, Jeff Lynn
Founded 2009
Number of Employees 101-250
Legal Name Seedrs Limited
Facebook Seedrs
LinkedIn Seedrs
Twitter Seedrs
Contact Email

Visit seedrs

2) Crowdcube (United Kingdom)

Exeter, Devon, United Kingdom

Crowdcube is an equity crowdfunding platform for entrepreneurs of start-ups and growing businesses. Crowdcube is inspired by an unshakable belief in entrepreneurs that you can dream big, push at the edges and make a difference, big and small.

Crowdcube love ambitious, brave and determined businesses who are on a mission to leave a mark on the world. They are motivated with the knowledge that it is more challenging than ever for ambitious entrepreneurs to raise money, to bring their innovative ideas to life and turn their vision into reality.

Crowdcube is working hard to make equity investment more accessible so exciting businesses can fuel a more wonderful tomorrow.

Platform details

Founders: Darren Westlake, Luke Lang, Oriol Cordón, Pepe Borrell
Founded 2010
Number of Employees 51-100
Legal Name Crowdcube Limited
Facebook Crowdcube
LinkedIn Crowdcube-limited
Twitter Crowdcube
Contact Email

Visit crowdcube

3) Invesdor (Finland)

Helsinki, Southern Finland, Finland

Invesdor is a leading European fintech firm making participation in growth finance easy and fair for everyone, and provides a share-based crowdfunding platform based in Helsinki, Finland. helps investors big and small from more than 70 countries find ambitious European growth companies and invest in them easily and securely.

The company was founded in May 2012 and has been reported as the first equity-based crowdfunding service in Northern Europe. It works as a matching service between investors and companies. The company is fully regulated under the Markets in Financial Instruments Directive's rules.

Invesdor believe in early growth, as much of a company’s financial gain is at the early phase of the companies lifecycle, bringing better financial rewards should the company succeed.

Clients include private and publicly traded companies from Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark and the UK as well as investors from more than 70 countries. The company has offices in Helsinki and Stockholm.

Platform details

Founders: Jouni Leskinen, Lare Lekman, Lasse Mäkelä, Miikka Poutiainen, Petteri Poutiainen, Timo Lappi
Founded 2012
Number of Employees 11-50
Legal Name Invesdor OY
Facebook Invesdor
LinkedIn invesdor-com
Twitter invesdor
Contact Email

Visit invesdor

4) Wemakeit (Zürich)

Zürich, Zurich, Switzerland

Wemakeit is a crowdfunding platform for fresh ideas, artistic endeavours and creative products with HQ in Zurich, Switzerland. Wemakeit provides an online platform that enables users to crowdfund projects in the creative industries.

While wemakeit enables innovators to gather funding for their projects, it also enables donors to get personal invitations, signed books, limited edition photos, and more.

Together with wemakeit, people sell design products, develop apps, publish cookery books, get start-up companies going and bring out music records, most recently, or buy farms.

So if you are independent, a collective, an organisation or a company, the wemakeit crowdfunding platform allows you to introduce your project to a large audience online and to finance it with the help of a big crowd of backers. At the same time, you discover projects and join in the effort of putting cutting-edge ideas into action.

Platform details

Founders: Johannes Gees, Assaf Shachar
Founded 2012
Number of Employees 11-50
Facebook wemakeitcom
LinkedIn wemakeit-ch-gmbh
Twitter wemakeit
Contact Email

Visit wemakeit

5) DeRev (Italy)

Napoli, Campania, Italy

DeRev is the principal Italian crowdfunding platform to finance creative and innovative projects aimed at the community with it's HQ in Italy.

DeRev has developed a large network of relationships at national and international level and works with institutions, brands, political parties, associations, cultural stakeholders, universities and startup incubators.

Platform details

Founders: Roberto Esposito
Founded 2012
Number of Employees 11-50
Legal Name De Revolutione
Facebook about.DeRev
LinkedIn Derev
Twitter DeRevOfficial
Contact Email

Visit derev

6) KissKissBankBank (France)

Paris, Ile-de-France, France

Kisskissbankbank One of the original founders of Crowdfunding and currently HQ'd in Paris France, KissKissBanlBank is a crowdfunding platform dedicated to creative and innovative ideas.

It fosters connections between project creators and potential contributors passionate about creativity.

Platform details

Founders: Adrien Aumont, Ombline Lasseur, Vincent Ricordeau
Founded 2009
Number of Employees 11-50
Legal Name KissKissBankBank
Facebook kisskissbankbank
LinkedIn kisskissbankbank
Twitter kissbankers
Contact Email

Visit kiss kiss bank bank

7) The Funding Network

London, England

The Funding Network (TFN) is an open network which links potential donors to charitable cases and social entrepreneurs through live crowdfunding. We aim to raise money for small non-profits driving social change and help both individuals and businesses to combine their giving with others, to make a bigger impact. ​

Since our inception in 2002, The Funding Network has helped raise over £12million for over 1,900 non-profits driving social change all over the world. We have funded organisations in the areas of human rights, climate change and the environment, health, education, inclusion and much more.

Visit the funding network

8) Spreds (Belgium)

Brussels, Brussels Hoofdstedelijk Gewest, Belgium

Spreds is a “Venture Capital” investment platform which uses crowdfunding techniques to allow individuals to select and invest alongside professionals in European start-ups and SMEs.

Individuals can invest (from 100 euros) in companies listed on Spreds in conjunction with investment professionals and under the same financial conditions. Individuals combine their resources to select, invest in and support the companies of tomorrow with industry professionals.

Spreds is industry leader, since more than 31.4 million euros have been raised since its commercial launch in September 2012 and it has more than 35,000 members.

Spreds was founded in July 2011 by José Zurstrassen, Charles-Albert de Radzitzky, Olivier de Duve and Guillaume Desclée.

Platform details

Founders: Charles-Albert de Radzitzky, Guillaume Desclée, José Zurstrassen, Olivier de Duve

Founded 2011
Number of Employees 1-10
Facebook spreds
LinkedIn spreds
Twitter mymicroinvest
Contact Email

Visit spreds

9) FundedByMe (Sweden)

Dubai, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

FundedByMe is a crowdfunding platform based in Stockholm, Sweden. The company is active in Scandinavia with joint ventures in Finland, Poland, Malaysia, The Netherlands, Singapore and The United Arab Emirates (at the Dubai International Financial Centre - DIFC).

FundedByMe's native language is English, but users can list their project in any supported language. The company was founded in March 2011 by Arno Smit and Daniel Daboczy. The company primarily focuses on equity crowdfunding.

Platform details

Founders: Arno Smit, Daniel Daboczy, Eric Weber, Hamdi Osman, Pontus Frohde, Samer Toukan
Founded 2011
Number of Employees 51-100
Legal Name FundedByMe MENA Ltd
Facebook fundedbyme.mena
LinkedIn fundedbyme-mena
Twitter fundedbyme
Contact Email

Visit funded by me

10) Ulule (France)

Paris, Ile-de-France, France

Ulule supports its creators throughout their process by helping them make their ideas a reality, co-create with their communities, spread the word about their projects and make them grow.

A crowdfunding pioneer since 2010, Ulule has become the leading community-backed incubator of positive impact projects. To date, their community of 2.5 million members has brought 30,000 projects to life.

Platform details

Founders: Alexandre Boucherot, Thomas Grange
Founded 2010
Number of Employees 11-50
Legal Name Ulule SAS
Facebook Ulule
LinkedIn Ulule
Twitter ulule
Contact Email

Visit ulule

11) Funding Circle (United Kingdom)

London, England, United Kingdom

Funding Circle was founded because they could see that businesses were not being given the finance to grow while investors were making poor returns. They had a simple idea, let them support each other.

By lending directly to businesses through Funding Circle, investors can now earn attractive returns to better provide for their future. Businesses get fast, easy access to funding to grow, create jobs, support local communities and drive the economy forward. They believe it’s better for everyone.

Platform details

Founders: Alex Tonelli, Andrew Mullinger, James Meekings, Sam Hodges, Samir Desai
Founded 2010
Number of Employees 501-1000
Legal Name Funding Circle USA, Inc.
Facebook FundingCircle
LinkedIn Funding-circle
Twitter FundingCircleUK
Contact Email

Visit funding circle

12) Companisto (France)

Berlin, Berlin, Germany

Companisto is an equity crowd investing platform for startups. It enables investors to participate in the funding of companies with an investment of their choice, and in return share profits and increases in value of the startup or property. Companisto is the investment platform for startups and growth companies.

Business angels and investors participate in groundbreaking innovations, promising companies, and ideas that write history through venture capital. As a fintech company, they stand for lean processes, specialised knowledge, and efficient solutions. They are the driver of innovation in the field of professional online corporate finance. In a diverse society, they assume responsibility for the founding culture in Germany and Europe.

Platform details

Founders: David Rhotert, Tamo Zwinge
Founded 2012
Number of Employees 11-50
Legal Name Companisto GmbH
Facebook Companisto
LinkedIn Companisto
Twitter Companisto
Contact Email

Visit companisto

13) Booomerang (Denmark)

Copenhagen, Hovedstaden, Denmark is Denmark's first and largest reward-based crowdfunding platform where entrepreneurs, artists, associations and other creative entrepreneurs can raise money to realise their good ideas and projects through financial support from individuals, in their own and new networks.

At you can create your project if it falls into one of their many categories. If your category does not exist, write to them and they will create it if it makes sense.

Platform details

Founders: Michael Eis
Founded 2010
Number of Employees 1-10
Facebook booomerangdk
Twitter booomerang_dk
Contact Email

Visit booomerang

14) Goteo (Spain)

Barcelona, Palma, Madrid

Goteo is an open network for crowdfunding, collaborations and training and leader in social innovation founded by Platoniq, a Catalan association of culture producers and software developers.

Goteo helps citizen initiatives as well as social, cultural and technological projects that produce open source results and community benefits, with crowdfunding and crowdsourcing resources.

Since its launch in 2011, Goteo’s crowdfunding campaigns have mobilised more than 90,000 people, collecting over 4,5 million euros and successfully funding initiatives in more than 70% of the cases.

Beyond collecting funds, Goteo also helps initiatives gather non-monetary contributions and establish partnerships that can advance their work.

Visit goteo

15) Leapfunder (Netherlands)

Amsterdam, Noord-Holland, The Netherlands

Leapfunder aims to help startups to find early stage financing. The main product is the Leapfunder convertible note, a standard approach through which early stage companies can be financed. Via Leapfunder anyone can become an Angel investor. A meaningful investment can start from EUR 1,000 or even smaller.

Leapfunder is a Dutch company, based in Amsterdam. The founders jointly have decades of experience with early stage investing.

Platform details

Founders: Matthias Havenaar, Merien ten Houten, Patrick Zeeuw, Tienko Rasker
Founded 2012
Number of Employees 11-50
Facebook Leapfunder
LinkedIn leapfunder
Twitter leapfunder
Contact Email

Visit leapfunder

16) Sowefund (France)

Paris, Ile-de-France, France

Sowefund is a leading investment platform in supporting innovative companies in their search for financing and the first platform Crowdfunding Co-innovative start-up along with investment professionals.

Platform details

Founders: Benjamin Wattinne, Georges Viglietti, Jean-Philippe Leflot
Founded 2014
Number of Employees 11-50
Facebook sowefund
LinkedIn sowefund
Twitter sowefund
Contact Email

Visit sowefund

17) Wiseed (France)

Toulouse, Midi-Pyrenees, France

Wiseed is a crowdfunding platform that enables its users to invest in SMEs and enterprises. The platform offers investments for startups, real-estate firms, social innovation and renewable energy projects, and agriculture firms.

It was founded in 2008 by Nicolas Seres and Thomas Merquiol and is based in Toulouse.

Platform details

Founders: Nicolas SÉRÈS, Thierry MERQUIOL
Founded 2008
Number of Employees 11-50
Facebook wiseed
LinkedIn wiseed
Twitter wiseed
Contact Email

Visit wiseed

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