Cera Care raises $70 million to continue roll-out of preventative Artificial Intelligence SmartCare platform

HealthTech Feb 27, 2020
Cera Care raises $70 million to continue roll-out of preventative Artificial Intelligence SmartCare platform

Launched three years ago, London-based Cera Care raises $70 million to continue roll-out of SmartCare platform in a funding round led by KairosHQ, a U.S.–based private company, along with investors Yabeo Venture Capital, Guinness Asset Management and individual investors.

The funds will support plans to expand services across the UK, and enter new international markets such as Germany.

Cera Care, launched in 2016, has developed its'​ own proprietary technology to provide high quality, transparent care to hundreds of elderly service users.

Through the use of matching algorithms and automated scheduling systems, the health providers purpose is to enable people to live well in their own homes and communities, with care and support services provided through an accompanying digital platform, that offers transparent, consistent, and efficient care.

Through its matching algorithm and automated scheduling systems, Cera is able to arrange home care within 24 hours, while fully taking into consideration a customer’s needs and preferences. Cera is developing an preventative Artificial Intelligence platform to predict deteriorations in our users’ health, permitting earlier intervention, with a focus on proactive care.

Cera has been growing at a steady pace and has already successfully completed the acquisition of three domiciliary home care providers based in Nottinghamshire, Yorkshire and London and has more than 2,000 employees across 20 offices in throughout UK, delivering 10,000 plus care visits per day.

Most recently, Cera has won a number of awards including, the Home Care Awards 2019, awards for Best Live-in Expertise, Best Technology & Data, and The Most Outstanding Home Care Provider.

Glen Smale

Glen Smale is a FullStack Software Engineer & CTO @StaffCluster with 15yrs tech industry experience. He is a freelance technology Journalist and writer @Bundupress.

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