BUX officially launches its zero-commission investing app - BUX Zero

Mobile Apps Aug 20, 2020
BUX officially launches its zero-commission investing app - BUX Zero

Amsterdam-based BUX officially launches it's mobile investing app in Belgium. The app makes it easy and affordable for people to engage in the financial markets through mobile platforms for commission-free stock investing and CFD trading.

More than 2.5 million users across Europe already use BUX to explore the exciting world of finance.

A key part of the appeal to use the app is that irrespective of the user, ie private purchaser or stock trader, trades can be completed without fees. This will be the fifth country launch for BUX Zero since its inaugural release in the Netherlands in September 2019.

In a statement by Nick Bortot, Founder and CEO of BUX - “We are looking forward to being able to provide all Belgians the option to invest commission-free for the first time. We strongly believe that being able to offer this option allows a whole new generation to take part in investing.” He went on to say “We’re proud of the work we’ve done to lower the barriers of entry with BUX Zero. In addition to making cost a smaller obstacle, we’ve also stripped away the complexity of investing by making the experience of buying and selling shares as simple and easy-to-understand as possible.”

Nick Bortot having successfully founded two companies, brings 15 years of experience in online brokerage to BUX and states that his vision for BUX is to not only provide tools for investing and trading, but to change the way young Europeans think about and engage with the financial markets.

BUX will further make ETFs (exchange traded funds) available for users in all five regions, further expanding the options for investment and plans to expand the selection of ETFs as well as shares. ETFs are similar in many ways to mutual funds, except that ETFs are bought and sold throughout the day.

Looking ahead, BUX plans further feature releases in BUX Zero which it says will further enhance the quality of the investor experience using the app.

Glen Smale

Glen Smale is a full stack software engineer, entrepreneur and content editor @bundupress. When not writing about tech startups and software trends he works on software projects

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