BigProfiles, raises €1.5 million for AI-based marketing intelligence platform

Marketing Intelligence Feb 22, 2020
BigProfiles, raises €1.5 million for AI-based marketing intelligence platform

Italian startup BigProfiles has raised €1.5 million in a round of funding to grow its AI-based marketing intelligence platform, round led by Italian VC firms, Invitalia Ventures and LVenture Group.

BigProfiles offers AI, Customer Intelligence SAAS that leverages external information about person profiles to enrich customer profiling.

Founded in 2017, BigProfiles is trusted by Accenture, CISCO, and NTT DATA operating in the Italian bank, insurance, telco and retail industry. The startup focuses on giving companies insights into their customers by creating anonymous profiles with the help of social media and open data sources.

The service operates by searching and filtering open data sources for information such as marital status, education, occupation, geographical and demographical aggregated data, estimated net worth, and personal interests. These are then applied to an AI algorithm to predict and score the inclination of customers to behaviours like purchase, up-sell, cross-sell, or churn.

In a statement by Luigi Capello, CEO of LVenture Group “BigProfiles is one of the most promising Italian startups in the Artificial Intelligence sector, with a proprietary technology that offers companies a great competitive advantage. LVenture Group strongly believes in its further growth potential and this new investment round will strengthen its leadership in the Italian Marketing Intelligence market and support the international expansion”.

Glen Smale

Glen Smale is a FullStack Software Engineer & CTO @StaffCluster with 15yrs tech industry experience. He is a freelance technology Journalist and writer @Bundupress.

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