Anthemis has just closed $90 million for its latest, insurtech-focused fund

Seed Capital Mar 02, 2020
Anthemis has just closed $90 million for its latest, insurtech-focused fund

Anthemis, or "Anthemis Insurance Venture Growth Fund I", the London-based fintech investment platform has just closed $90 million for its latest, insurtech-focused fund with participation from Aflac Global Ventures, Sumitomo Life, Nürnberger Versicherung and Daido Life Insurance company.

Anthemis, founded in 2010 by Amy Nauiokas and Sean Park, Anthemis is a venture investment platform founded on three guiding principles: authentic collaboration, virtuous cycle outcomes, and diversity, equity and leading global venture firm that cultivates change in the financial services industry.

The London-based fund has already racked up numerous insurance technology companies in its portfolio, focused on early-stage startups and has successfully backed digital banks like Simple and Atom.

The fund is also involved in new venture markets, focusing on the blockchain industry and recently participated by investing $6.43 million in the Kaiko seed round. Kaiko provides real-time and historical cryptocurrency market data through a cryptocurrency API, Data Feed, and websocket.

Anthemis Founder and Chief Investment Officer Sean Park said, “This is a huge milestone for Anthemis as we approach the close of our first decade as a business.” He added, “Insurance and risk management will propel much of the true transformation we see in financial services. With the maturation of our portfolio companies and the industry more broadly, it is a natural evolution for us to be active participants in the venture growth space. I’m very proud of the team that we have assembled and look forward to our next chapter.”

“Having worked with high-growth startups and incumbents, I have seen first-hand how an organisation like Anthemis can bring an incredible amount of value and shape the future of insurance,” said Kate Sampson, Managing Director at Anthemis. She continued, “The firm’s commitment to authentic collaboration and investing in diverse talent is an important part of what makes Anthemis special, and certainly makes this the perfect next step for me. I’m excited for what is ahead.”


Aflac Global Ventures is a $400M global corporate venture fund with Nadeem Khan as the President of Aflac Global Ventures.

Sumitomo Life Insurance Company is a mutual life insurance company in Japan, founded in 1907 and headquartered in Osaka. In 2005, the company announced a joint venture with the People's Insurance Company of China.

Nürnberger Versicherung is a German insurance company based in Nuremberg. The company operates in the areas of life, private health, property, accident and car insurance as well as in the financial services sector, primarily in Germany and Austria.

The parent company of the Group, Nuremberg Beteiligungs-Aktiengesellschaft is a listed company and lists in the OTC segment Scale.

Daido Life insurance company, is a life insurance company that specialises in the SME market, and has contracts with some 370,000 corporate clients. The company has been focused on developing and selling term insurance since the 1970s.

Amy Nauiokas is the Founder, President and Chief Executive Officer of Anthemis, the leading digital financial services investment firm, and Founder and CEO of Archer Gray, a media production, finance and investment company.

She is a visionary executive, investor, producer and a recognised leader in innovation, strategy and management across a variety of markets and industries.

Sean Park is a leading independent thinker on the future of financial services, the author of The Park Paradigm, and the co-founder of Anthemis Group SA.

Sean is also a founding investor in innovative companies such as Betfair, WeatherBill and BankSimple and has extensive experience over the past decade investing in and advising start-up and high growth companies.

Glen Smale

Glen Smale is a full stack software engineer, entrepreneur and content editor @bundupress. When not writing about tech startups and software trends he works on software projects

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