About Us

Bundupress is a startups publication for entrepreneurs and social media platform covering the latest news, insights, trends and market data on startups, venture capital funding rounds, crowdfunding and technology.

We publish /

  • the latest news, trends and events in the tech industry,
  • we publish a directory of startups, founders and investors,
  • we discuss technology, innovative ideas and tech concepts,
  • we disseminate industry data, and highlight the real value,
  • we interview, startups, founders, investors and entrepreneurs,
  • we cover leading trade shows and events,
  • we offer technology guides, tools and tips,
  • we highlight success stories and achievements,
  • we keep you informed of pending industry events,

for industry entrepreneurs, startups, leaders, founders, execs, managers, investors, industry professionals and tech innovators and everyone interested in the faced paced technology industry.

Mission / Vision Our Mission is to track the changes and highlight the real value in the fast paced technology industry for business, entrepreneurs, investors, startups and interested parties.

Our Vision is to provide a platform to showcase and discuss industry technology, trends, ideas, startups, founders, investors, successes, events with our goal to aid in the development and success of new tech startups and entrepreneurs.

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